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The Commander’s Here

Hello, I’m Chaplain Michael Jaques, a chaplain with the Army Reserve and the VA. I’d like to share how I came to be so interested in the topic of powerlessness… AUDIO After my residency program, I went on orders as the project officer to help the 39th Brigade commander start a program to help …

How War Changes Pastoral Identity

The path toward self-discovery can lead to the realization of who you are and whose you are. Every single person, no matter what sphere of work they belong to, face some kind of identity crisis, and pastors are no exception.

Constructs that Influence Chaplains in the War

Moving on, we will now speak of the core category and the four prime constructs that constitute the emergent theory. The first construct termed “I am Powerless” confirms the idea that Army Chaplains witness a phase where they feel extremely distressed due to the feeling of powerlessness that prevails over them.

The Power Motive in Behavioral Science

Powerlessness is a prevalent feeling in the profession of helping others. Nevertheless, it is often not given the attention it deserves. This prolonged period of silence on the topic has led to many people in the profession believe in the idea that they might set things right once they meet their qualifications.

Interpretation of Power in the Theological Framework

In the Bible, Paul says, “Power is made perfect in weakness.” The contradictory idea of strength through weakness is one of the most vital and highlighted themes of the Bible.