Do you remember the movie Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey? He was given the opportunity to be God for a week.

Carrey plays Bruce Nolan a television field reporter desiring to be a news anchor. It turns out that not only didn’t he get the anchor position, but he was also fired from his job. These events made Bruce so angry that he wanted to fire God.

Bruce Angry

Bruce eventually met God played by Morgan Freedman. God gave Bruce His powers to prove that He was doing His job correctly. He initially loved the powers and used them for his personal gain.

Bruce Email

Bruce soon started hearing prayers in his head from people in his city. Eventually he found a way to turn the prayers into emails. Still unable to handle the large volume of prayers, he set the email settings to say “yes” to all of them.

“They’re all out of control. This mayhem. I don’t know what to do…There were so many, I just gave ’em all what they wanted”

He learned how impractical and unhealthy it was to grant every request. This was demonstrated by a riot that broke out when a large number of people who prayed to win a multi-million-dollar lottery learned that the prize was reduced to only a few dollars because of all the winners.


Bruce discovered that he was the worst judge of what is best, and that God was right to deny his selfish requests – ultimately leading him to cry out to his Maker, “I want You to decide what’s right for me. I surrender to Your will!”


Bruce eventually gave the powers back to God realizing that he cannot solve all the problems. He figured out that it is better to help people using the abilities he has been endowed with – leaving the rest up to God.


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